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Veel awards heb ik gekregen van engelstalige homepages. Ik heb hun commentaar er in de originele tekst bijgezet.



Please accept these awards on behalf of your
precious angel and your wonderful site
Your words touched me as only a mother of a angel can
understand.   Trust when I tell you that your pain lessons with time but
your love and memories never will.
My precious angel has been away in heaven for 26 years
on Dec 24, 2002.  I still miss her very much and it still feels like it was
yesterday, but my life has became as normal as it can.  We as mothers to angels must find life and happiness again.  Your courage and strength are very evident in your words.
~Peace & Love to you!
Virginia - Mother to an Angel "Melissa"
Visit me at
Never run faster than your guardian angel can fly!


Bedankt, Virginia




I have just spent time at your site... and would like to award you my Beautiful Memories Award.  You have designed a loving tribute to your beloved son Rashid.  I could feel your pain as I read your words.  I know that pain... as we walk the same that NO parent should ever have to walk.  It's not the natural order of life that our children/grandchildren should precede us in death... but it happens more and more.  Only with a tremendous amount of FAITH, can we deal with the pain.  I'm here if you need to talk, vent, or just need a shoulder.  I care, and I understand. 
Take care,
Hugs, Cuppy(Melissa's devoted Gram)

Bedankt, Cuppy


I have pleasure in enclosing the Award for you - your site is absolutely excellent and beautiful,  and I read every single word of it whilst feeling your pain and sadness with you. I know, it's impossible to feel the same extent of it - I've  had a miscarriage which I realise is no-where near as bad so I cant begin to imagine just how awful  everythings felt for you- but it really made me think - as a Mother of 2 myself.
I hope the quality of your life has improved a little bit since you wrote up your accounts, and that you get a good amount of happiness in the future as you certainly deserve some after such an unfair tragedy.
My son is just a tiny bit younger than yours and it's a strange kind of age I find at the moment, but hopefully in time he will become closer to you again (If he hasn't already since you wrote what I've just read) It must have been very traumatic for him in the same way as it was for you and so through no fault of his own he was probably unable to put things into prospectus and understand your feelings properly being so young himself.
Your English is REALLY good by the way:) - It cant all be translations as translations are'nt usually as acurate! - and your graphics are really good too:)
All the best


Bedankt, Ananya 



Your site touched this mothers heart and brought tears to my eyes. I am so very sorry for your loss. Your site is wonderful, and is a beautiful tribute to your precious sons memory! I am happy to present you with this award.

Bedankt, Sandy


I am so sorry about your precious son....I am honored to present you with my "Golden Cup Award"....God Bless you hon...
Delores aka CeeDee


Bedankt, CeeDee



I am very sorry for your loss. Your son was a beautiful child and I am sure he still feels your love for him. You have made a lovely tribute to him.
Rashid's story touched me deeply. I have no children but lost a sister who died at age 5 due to a bad heart. It's hard to understand why God takes someone so young but I believe they are very special in God's eyes and that they are always with us until we all meet again in His Kingdom. God Bless you and your family.

Cheryl and Princess Caitlin

Bedankt, Cheryl

Please except my most deepest and softest sympathy. Your child was such a courageous child. He brought smiles to my heart while I was doing his quilt. You have so many special memories to cherish and to keep in your heart. I have lost a child also. My 17 year old daughter and the days are so long and hard. We strive to keep them alive every second that we can. Thank you dear sweet lady for allowing me the opportunity to do his quilt. I hope it brings a smile to your heart . May God always keep you in his loving precious arms and may the angels always surround you always. here is the url for his quilt.
I tried to put everything you requested on it  I hope I did some justice to your precious child. He is a special angel for sure. If you should ever need anything I am only an email away ok.

I am also attaching an award for Rashid's pages.. 

God Bless Marianne.
Love and Blessings

Heel erg bedankt, Elaine, voor de prachtige quilt die je voor Rashid hebt gemaakt. En ik ben ook erg blij met de mooie award. 


Your site to your dear son Rashid is very full of good information.  Also, thank you for writing about your internal pain.  I have not lost a child but I do know it is the worst thing in the world to happen.  I spent 2 hours reading every page.
I liked your poem "My Angel Forever" on page 5 of Poetry.  You also wrote a very good article called "I Wish".  It is very good information to help others learn to keep talking about your dear Rashid and to keep his memory alive.  He lives on in you and Karim. 
The pictures of Rashid's grave is painful, but I can see all the hard work you do to keep it looking very beautiful with beautiful flowers and toys.  Thank you for telling us about visiting Rashid's grave and leaving Kit-Kat's there for him.  They are my favourite chocolate too!
Rashid died on my birthday.  I will always remember Rashid every birthday I have from now on and will say a prayer for you and Karim as well.  Thank you for the picture of Rashid's best friend Steven and the boys playing Super Nintendo.  I also liked Tina your cat!
I really liked your Heart Comet Cursor Trail.  It is very pretty.  You have done a beautiful job on your memorial for your dear son Rashid.  I can see you have put hundreds of hours making it.  And...your diaries you wrote about Rashid.....I hope one day to see your book from all your diaries.
You write very well and very interestingly....keep our attention.  You pour your feelings onto your paper so we can know how bad you hurt.  Thank you for doing that Marianne.  It helps me to know your pain. 
I am happy to award you with my Angelic Site Award, Star's Inspirational Award and You Stole My Heart Award.  Your hard work and pain merits these awards for the beautiful Tribute to your dear son Rashid.
Congratulations for your hard work to help the world to see how painful it is to lose a child.   Please keep in touch with me and let me know how you are doing.  Please give Karim my warm greetings and love.
Thank you Marianne for writing.  Please take very good care of yourself.
Much Love, 
Star. xoxo  

Star, heel erg bedankt voor je lieve, warme woorden en voor de prachtige awards. 


Hierbij wil ik jouw de Angel Award geven uit naam van de club **Sabke**
Omdat ik jouw site ontzettend mooi gemaakt vind voor jouw lieve Engeltje Rashid
Liefs Mandy

Heel erg bedankt, Mandy, voor de mooie award. 

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