Pagina 2 


To Mommy

Mommy, today is my birthday and I'm still with you here,
Even though you can't see me I will always be near.
I'm always with you, Mommy, each passing night and every long day,
I'm always within your heart, Mommy, for that is where I long to stay.

Mommy, my body may be gone, but with you I'll be always near,
I'm every warm thought you feel, see, smell or hear.
Mommy, my spirit now soars high above his heavens, but from you I will never depart,
As long as you keep me alive, Mommy, living within your heart.

Mommy, I will never wonder very far from your sight,
For I am your brightest star that shines on any given night.
Mommy, I'll never be beyond your reach,
I'll be the warm moist sand between your toes at the beach.

Mommy, I'm the brightest autumn leaves when fall comes around,
And the purest white snow that blankets winter's ground.
I'm the beautiful array of the colors of which you are so fond,
I'm the clear cool water upon the calm tranquil pond.

Mommy, I'll be the first warm raindrops that April showers bring,
I'll be the first red rose that you will see at the end of spring.
And you will see that the face in the moon will always be the face of mine,
And I'm the first dawn of light when the sun begins to shine.

Mommy, when you start thinking there's no little boy to love you when you're feeling blue,
Just look up and talk to me, Mommy, through our Lord in his Heavens above you.
I'll whisper my answer back to you through the swaying limbs of his willow trees,
And you will feel my tender presence in every soft and gentle summer breeze.

Mommy, I'm the warm tears that drop when you weep,
And I'm the beautiful dreams that come to you in your sleep.
Just look for me, Mommy, and you will find that I'm everyplace,
I'll be the smile that you see on every bright baby’s face.

Mommy, I will always love you from now into eternity,
Please, Mommy, for me, don't you weep for here in His Kingdom I'm at such peace, So please Mommy be happy for me.
Oh, Mommy! There are so many things here to do and see,
For here, Mommy, I can be all that I can be.

Mommy, I have made many new friends here,
And everyone has hearts that are ever so dear.
Mommy, here no one’s ever blue,
For all things here are made brand new.

Mommy, light a candle today for me
And when you blow it out my wish will be,
To see you smile every time you think of me.
For that would be the very best birthday that you could ever give to me,
Mommy, please remember that your little boy I Will Always,... 
Always Be!......

I Love You, Mommy !
Your little boy Rashid

"Rashid's Cloud" has been made especially for Rashid gemaakt by Jungletigress. Visit her homepage here.

Rashid's dolphin nametag has been made especially for Rashid by Sharon. Visit her homepage here.




You know this already - you have the best mommy in the world
and on this Earth you were so brave and courageous.
Wishing you birthday wishes in Heaven - I'm sure you have  met Angel Joanne.
Be sure to tell her hello from Diane, Gina and Shauna
and tell her I am doing my best to help her mommy cope
because she misses her so very much,
and the days are at times unbearable.
I am also a friend to your mommy - your mommy misses you so much. Your mom is awesome
Rashid,- have a happy 15th birthday in the Heavens above.

Love Diane
Your mommy's friend forever

Thank you so much for being my friend, Diane. 

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Original Art Image by Lisa Jane

Dolphin was adopted from Ice Dream Picture Palace