Card sent when Rashid was born

Hooray, I have a baby brother. His name is


He weighs 4650 grammes and he is 54 cm long

We are very happy with him.



This is me, Rashid

Extremely unhappy we have to inform you that after a battle he could not win against an illness that was unfair

Our sweetest Rashid

has now found his peace in Jesus' arms.

He could only stay with us for 8 years.

Sometimes you had so much pain and you suffered so much
Bravely you kept on fighting till the end
Bravely you endured the pain, you did not want to leave me,
But Jesus came for you, your fight is over now,
Darling, I miss you so much, saying goodbye hurts so much
But you will always be among us


Thank you for the warmth you gave us during the time we had to say goodbye to Rashid.