Rashid's class. The picture was taken in april 1996.


When Rashid at the beginning of a new schoolyear in 1996 fell ill again it became clear very quickly that he would not get better any more. From that moment on his classmates wrote weekly letters to him in a notebook. Rashid made a beautiful drawing in this notebook. By that time he was too ill to write a letter. 


This letter Rashid got back from his best friend Steven. Together with Steven and Karim Rashid went to the cinema one last time. The Movie Rashid wanted to see was A Goofy Movie. He wanted to go to ToyStory a week after that....         By that time he was too ill.



Dear Rashid

I am very happy that you went to Eurodisney. Because that was your last wish. It is boring in class without you. During recess I have nothing to do. I miss you. I hope you can also go to ToyStory and hope you will like it. At a Goofy Movie it was fun. 

Greetings from your best friend Steven. 

This note was written by one of Rashid's classmates:


Dear Rashid, I miss you so! I wish you could come back, but of course that is not possible. There is nothing on your table and when I look at your table it is always so empty. 

Greetings to Karim, bye, Janice. 



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