~~Dolphins in Heaven~~


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Sweet Rashid when I close my eyes,
I see a picture of you and me,
Alone I stand on sandy shore,
While you swim with Dolphins out to sea.

And as I watch, my tears flow free,
With the knowledge that I am alone,
Yet blessed by knowing in my heart,
That you are safe within God's Home.

No sadness falls upon your face,
Your heart contains no fear,
And when I softly whisper your name,
I still feel your presence near.

In your life there once was freedom,
But only that known to mankind,
A perfect image of God's Angel,
Now comforts me in my mind.

We on earth are left with questions,
While the answers evade us all,
And only when I join you in Heaven,
Will I know why you were called.

You now no longer know of hate,
Nor of heartache or of pain,
For only love and caring lives,
Where peace is ours to gain.

I know God's Angels are equal,
And hold beauty within His sight,
But as I gaze up toward the Heavens today,
Rashid sits at His right.

So swim freely with the dolphins dear,
You have paid the fee on earth,
And one day I'll be by your side,
Like I was upon your birth.

This Poem was originally written for Heidi Reed by Valentyne Lang and published here with Judy Reed's loving permission.

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