Rashid was buried on October 9th 1996.

His coffin was decorated with the material of his Toystory blanket.



During the ceremonial in church Rashid's classmates sang for him on the altar.

Every classmate made a little paper hand with his or her last greetings for Rashid. These paper hands were stuck on Rashid's coffin.



The children carried white and blue balloons on the graveyard. They followed the undertaker to Rashid's last resting place. They were very quiet and subdued. It was only after Rashid was buried when they ran back to the coffee room, where they ate KitKat chocolates (Rashid's favorite candy) and drank coca cola. Also they made drawings for me and Karim of Rashid's funeral. Most of the kids drew the white and blue balloons. 


For a long time we watched the balloons go high up into the sky. The priest said :"Rashid is like the balloons; you can't see them anymore, but you know they are out there, somewhere high in the sky !!"