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Firstly thank you for letting me create these pictures of Rashid - your handsome Angel.  I have created some pictures for you and will post them all into the Karens's Creations 4 U folder.

I love the photo you sent me of Rashid - he has such a warm and friendly face and I am so sorry that he suffered...

I hope that they are ok, people have different feelings seeing their loved one with wings, it can take people by surprise.  
I have created several pictures for you using different frames, backgrounds and masks, please feel free to use them as you is the first one I have created for you....
Sending you hugs
Mummy to Bradley and my 4 Angels with wings Ashleigh Charlotte Grace, Ellie Mae and Megan Beth

Thanks so much, Karen. The pics of Rashid are gorgeous. 

I have visited your beautiful site and am presenting you with this memoy plaque. I had tears in my eyes reading Rashid's story. You have made him a beautiful site and I wish you and Karim all the best in the future.

Hugs, ~*~Louise~*~


Thanks so much, Louise. I am so touched by this beautiful plaque.  

Louise also made two beautiful awards for Rashid. See them on this page.


Good Afternoon Dear Sweet Marianne......
After looking at your wonderful pages for Rashid, I just had to make this for you and Rashid, Hope you like it! You have done an outstanding job on his pages.
Wuv 'n Huggers
"Beauty is to the spirit what food is to the flesh. It fills an emptiness in you which nothing else can fill."
"I love you not only for who you are
but for what I am when I am with you"
A Good Friend forgives your defects
A true friend doesn't see any!!

Dearest Tigress, I am so touched by this wonderful graphic you made especially for Rashid. Thank you.

I made a little gift for you. I hope you like it. 

God Bless you, Amanda


Thanks so much, Amanda, this angel picture is so beautiful. 





Hi Marianne,
It's been al ong time since I've heard from you and it's so good to see your email come through.  I made something for Rashid, it's attached.  How have you been doing?


Dearest Beth,


Thank you so very much for the beautiful gift you made for Rashid. I was so touched by your wonderful gesture. I felt tears coming to my eyes when I opened the attachement. I added it to Rashid's pages right away.
Thank you again.




This beautiful fan has been made especially for Rashid by Patricia, Michael's mother. 

You can visit Michael's homepage here.

Click here to read how you can also get one of those wonderful fans.


I don't know how to thank you, Patricia.  This is gorgeous.