Gifts for Rashid

These beautiful gifts have been made especially for Rashid. 



Thanks so much, Little Shy. I simply adore this. 


I am honored to present you with my Award....This one doesn't seem like enough, but it is the one that you ask for, so I would like to make a special award for Rashid, In memory of him....That little face will just melt your heart...He is so precious...


Thanks so much CeeDee, for your beautiful award.

I have made a gift for you , I hope you like it
with love and grace
Mummy to Grace ~i~

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky
In my heart there'll always be a place for you, for all my life
I'll keep a part of you with me
And everywhere I am there you'll be

Thanks so much, Theresa, for this beautiful gift of my precious angel boy.



I am attaching a banner I have made for Rashid.  I hope you like it!  He is a darling little boy, and I know how much you love and miss him.
~:~Robbie's Mom Forever~:~
Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith;
it is the price of love.

Thank you, Saralyn, for this beautiful memorial banner.



Ik heb deze vlinder net gemaakt voor Rashid !! Ik heb hem ook op Sabke haar site staan in de vlindertuin
Ik hoop dat je hem mooi vindt.

Groetjes Mandy

Dank je wel, Mandy, voor deze prachtige vlinder. 


This picture was made by Nolita of Starlets in Heaven. Nolita makes new pictures for her club every two weeks.

By now she made over 50 creations for Rashid. There are so many of them that I cannot display them all here. Click here if you want to see what Nolita made for Rashid. 


Thanks so much, Nolita, I like them so much. Thanks for all the time and work you put into these creations. It means a lot to me !



Here's your personalized Light of Hope graphic for your website. 

Your name has been added to the list of recipients at 

May you always have hope in your heart. 
May courage and faith keep you always in the light.


Thanks so much, Laura. This is gorgeous.




Here is the Guardian Angel.   I hope this is ok...
Be in the Spirit...

Together Everyone Achieves More...
Hold a Friend in your Hand Today...
Have a great day...
Regards  Stuart
Thanks so much, Stu. It is beautiful.


You have a beautiful site for your son Rashid. I am so sorry for you loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  I have attached my award #3 and the special angel for your son.  (see award on page number 3: sons are a special gift from God)

God Bless you and your family.

Hugs, Coleen. 


Thanks so much, Coleen. Your gifts are awesome. 



Well I added one to the club. If you like it, will you please tell me in the forum? If you don't like it so much, please let me know and I will make you another one. I want you to be pleased with the tag :).
Love, Irene

Wow, I like it very much, Irene. Thanks so much.

Here's your dolphins, Sweetie. God's Blessing, Sharon


Thanks so much, Sharon. This is so wonderful. 


Hello Honey, there are some gifts on Rashid's quilt go take a look, the Easter Bunny passed for him.. hehehehehe
God Bless You and I hope your Easter is a Blessed Filled One, and also a Peaceful One.
God Bless
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Hi Marianne,
 I made something for Rashid, it's attached. 


Dear Beth, thank you so much for this beautiful graphic. I am so touched by your gesture. Love, Marianne


Oh Marianne - you are so sweet and I appreciate your kind words.  I am glad you were pleased with it.  I have tried to make Angel Reminders just a little different for everyone - especially with putting the pictures of everyone's angels in the reminders.

I just love Rashid - he has always been one of my favorite angels. He is so adorable.

You are a precious, compassionate and loving person Marianne and I am looking forward to getting to know you much, much better.

God bless you Marianne, and you and your precious angel Rashid will be in my thoughts and prayers this weekend.
Many birthday wishes to Rashid on his 17th birthday!

With much love,



These next photographs have been edited by me from pictures I found on the internet. I thought the results were so nice that I added the edited pictures here. Unfortunately the situation is no reality.



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