In My Wildest Dreams

Never in my wildest dreams
could I ever imagine
The things I saw late that night
too strange to even fathom

The creepies and the crawlies
they were all around
So scared to death is what I was
I screamed without a sound

The creatures they were horrid
the sounds they made were strange
I closed my eyes to block it out
and bats rattled in my brain

Up on the hill the moon was full
A wolf howled in the dark
I prayed this night to be over soon
and from this nightmare to depart

And then I saw them coming
and I shivered and I shook
I hid behind an oak tree
to afraid to even look

There was Frankenstein and Dracula
and witches everywhere
The Creature from the Black Lagoon
and bats flying in the air

I trembled and I shivered
trying to block them out
My heart was beating wildly
as I tried to scream and shout

Leave me alone and let me be
go back to your deadly rest
No one invited you so just go away
you are all unwelcome guests

I closed my eyes and started to run
not knowing where to go
The sounds were loud in my head
tossing me to and fro

And then I heard the laughter
children's voices were in the air
The giggles and singing
like they did not have a care

Trick or Treat was what I heard
them singing in the dark
Was this all in fun and jest
a holiday a lark

The ghostly sounds was just the wind
playing in the trees
And to think I was so scared
trembling in my knees

How could I forget what that night was
The night for witches and goblins
for beggars and for thieves

So if you hear a rapping
on your window pane at night
Do not fear it's just a werewolf
come to give you a fright

And now my tale is over
but let me ask you this
May I bid you all a fond farewell
with a BITE and with a kiss



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