Rashid's Friends in Heaven



Sarah van Essen 1st September 1996 6th December 1999*
Laura Voncken

8th June 1998 

7th November 2001*

Manon Nina Voerman

11th July 1994

18th March 1998*

Jaimy van Boxel 24 January 1992 6th May 2001*
Kimberly 22nd August 1994 22nd August 1994*
Aletta 22nd August 1994 22nd August 1994*
Demi Michelle Ocean 12th December 2002 12th December 2002*
Heidi 4th February 1976 1st November 1998*
Sabke 15th July 1994 19th November 2002*
Dylan 19th September 2001 19th September 2001*

Jamie van der Schaaf


31st December 1992 20th November 1994*
Kelly Carmody 16th November 1978 1st December 1987*
Jordyn Ashleigh Fitzpatrick 30th March 1998 8th May 2000*
Shad Luke McKell 16th June 1995 5th September 2000*
Tyler Gilman 28th December 2000 16th December 2001*
Christopher Ronald Faller 7th May 1990 24th March 1998*
Dawson Lee 9th December 1991 14th February 1992*
Laura Wieringa 17th March 1998 18th September 1999*
Jamie Coenraerds 1st July 1992 24th August 2001*
Shawn Disney 15th September 1997 11th January 2003*
Charlee Marie Branch 12th September 1989 6th October 2002*
Stephanie 2nd January 1993 13th October 2000*
Yordi Joachim Gillessen 18th October 2002 22 September 2003*

MichaŽl van Melckebeke

19th December 1985 

26th May 2002*

Emma Delvaux 18th May 1997 17th November 2002*


Lars Aarts


23rd April 2003 24th April 2003*
Desiree Eijkhoudt 12th April 1994 5th August 2002*
Julius Johnson

February 15th, 2000

February 20th, 2003*
Sam Veldhuis 15th November 2003 20th November 2003*
Tim Alexander 26th October 1994 26th October 1994*
Joey van Beek 22nd March 1999 15th July 1999*
Ashana Middel 2nd September 2002 20th March 2003*
Xavier Quint Bos 29th August 1983 2nd September 2002*
Timothy Klaver  11th October 2003  7th October 2003*

Davis Harley Bachman


September 5th 2002 September 5th 2002*
Dustin Lee Fitzer 24th August 1976 3rd July 1995*

This candle has been  lit for all children who went to Heaven too soon.

Would you like your child to be remembered here, please send me an email. Mention your child's name, date of birth and day your angel went to heaven and if there is one, the url of the homepage, so I can add a link as well. I will get into touch with you as soon as I can. 

Choose from these Toystory Angels to be added to your child's name:

Angel Jesse

Angel Bo Peep


Angel Alien

Angel Woody

Angel Buzz

Angel Mr. Potato

Angel Rex


Angel Hamm

Angel Bullseye


Angel Slinky