Karim's Page, Rashid's elder brother


Karim is 26 years old now.

(23rd of March 1986)


Karim and Rashid loved to play with the Supernintendo. 


In the hospital Karim wrote a note for his little brother Rashid:

It is not easy, everything you have to go through, all those strange doctors, but fortunately they are nice. And I think you are a very brave boy. Je never cried at anything, you were not afraid of anything. I hope you will get well soon. 

Greetings, Your brother Karim


Karim wrote this note to Rashid's classmates. Even after Rashid had died, the classmates kept writing me and Karim notes and we wrote back to them. Karim also made beautiful drawings.


Hello 5b:

This Mickey comes to bring you a message. He comes to tell you that I like it very much that you think of us so much and write us such sweet letters. And that's why I thought to give you the ToyStory game that Rashid liked so much. Have fun with it.

Greetings, Karim (Rashid's brother)



Since one year now Karim had his own pet, a bearded dragon named Gizmo.