Our Children in Heaven are Making Music

Each time we hear the sound of music,
or smile at the ringing of chimes,
we stop to think of our precious children.
And the memories of these holiday times.

We see snow falling on the ground
and the beauty that it brings.
Our children see the glorious sights in Heaven.
From the Angelic Choir where they sing.

They seem to make their own special music
to ease our burdens of a holiday time.
Each one of them play a musical instrument
while our tears put music to their rhyme.

We hear Christmas carols year after year.
Songs that still touch us so deep.
Oh, but  it is no myth there is a Silent Night ...
An endless night without any sleep.

We hear the Little Drummer Boy play his drums
somewhere in the distance far away.
And in the other ear, we shall also hear
the harp another child plays.

Oh, our children make music echo.
And our tears make the words.
Together we harmonize to the sound of music
 The most beautiful sound ever heard.

So as we celebrate this Christmas Season,
shall we forever look back on time.
For our children in Heaven are making music ...
While our tears put words to rhyme.

~Kaye Des'Ormeaux~
Copyright 2003
Dedicated to the every parent who has lost a child.



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