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In 1995 Rashid and Karim were invited to go on a Happy Things Day to an adventure park called "Everland".

Every child got a red sweater and a red cap. They had pancakes for luch and everybody received "evercoins" to spend as they wished. Rashid bought a small cuddly horse from his coins.


In April 1996 Rashid did his First Holy Communion. For him the prepations were nonsense, because he knew exactly what he wanted. 

In this picture is Rashid with his four classmates, who did the F.H. Communion at the same time.

Especially for the big celebration we bought a beautiful outfit, a black leather cap and white sneekers. Rashid refused to wear fancy black shoes, and to be honest, those shoes would not have combined well with our tough Rashid. 


  Rashid's favorite Disney movies



"Goodnight Little Bear" "But Little Bear did not hear him anymore. He had already fallen asleep, safely in the arms of Big Bear."

In the hospital Karim bought the book of Little Bear for Rashid to comfort him. Many times we read this book to him.

The book had a special meaning for us.

The story is about a small bear, who is afraid to go to sleep. Big Bear shows him that the night is not scary, because the moon and stars always shine. Eventually little bear falls safely asleep in the arms of big bear.



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