Happy 18th Birthday
Such a special day.
I just wish you were celebrating here with me,
and not so far away
I know the other Angels will make your birthday great
I just wish we had been allowed to enjoy a different fate
But no more crying or sorrow just some birthday joy
Happy Birthday my little man,
Remember you are always mommy’s little boy!!

Dearest Rashid

Ten  years have gone by
since you went away
We think of you often,
every night and day

When the morning comes
and we start on our way
We know you are in heaven
with other little angels at play

And then in the night 
when we lay down to sleep
You are in the arms of Jesus
where you are safe in His keep

We miss you dear Rashid
our hearts they still pain
Your love it was strong 
and with us remains

Your sweetness is smelt 
in every newly picked rose
Your beauty is seen in
Heavens brightest rainbows

The birds outside my window
sing your favorite song
And to see you run and play
in my heart I do long

But I know you are happy
in your heavenly home
Where all things are beautiful
in the clouds where you roam

My heart is at ease 
knowing where you now are
Whenever I want to see you
I just look at a star

So Happy Birthday my sweet Rashid
you should have been eightteen years today
Our Jesus brought you home to Him
in the clouds to safely play

Copyright ©  Island Princess