Birthdays Through the Years

Oh, how we looked forward to that first birthday!
We couldn't wait to see your face
When you spotted that special cake
With the one lit birthday candle,
And we couldn't wait to see how you ate it,
And if you'd get it smeared all over your sweet little face.
Of course, you DID smear it, and it was SO CUTE!
We took lots and lots of photos,
And we put them in a special photo album.

The 2nd birthday was almost just as much fun,
With a real party....
Balloons, streamers, decorations, and party hats....
And, of course, your special little friends from the neighborhood.
Again we took lots of photos
And put them in that special album.

We always made a "big fuss" over birthdays,
With a party and cake and friends and presents,
And we always had a special family birthday dinner,
With the menu always picked out by YOU,
No matter what it was.
Later, when you were older, you preferred to have pizza or fondue,
And the day was always, always special.

Now that you're gone......
The day is still "special,"
But it's so different now.
There are no parties or presents or special dinners any more.
It wasn't anyone's choice.
No one ever wanted it to be this way.
But it's the way we have to do it now.

Of course, we always go to visit and stop to talk for a while,
And we take you some fresh decorations and some new flowers,
But it's so melancholy now
Without your sweet face and warm smile
And the wonderful hugs you always gave us.

We have to be content to hope that
You are having a good time
Up there in heaven
With all the other angels,
And that you're having a big, wonderful party,
More glorious than anything we could ever give you.

That thought always makes us smile....for a second....
And then we go back to missing you
And wishing you were somehow here again
So that we could give you hugs
And kisses
And presents.

Happy birthday, Rashid!
You're always in our hearts and thoughts....
Until we see you again in heaven.

Love always,

Poem copyright Saralyn M. Smith 2005