Pet animals

Tina was Rashid's favorite cat. He picked her himself from a litter of kittens in june 1994. Hij missed her intensely when he had to stay in hospital for five weeks during his first admission. 

Our dog Chita was a little bit older. She was born in 1986.   

She liked everything Rashid did with her.



Rashid was fond of dolphins.

A friend arranged for him that he could "train" and pet the dolphins on the great stage.   

It was an experience that he talked about for a long time.


Rashid wanted his cat Tina to have kittens of her own.Unfortunately he was not there anymore to see that she got only one kitten. We named this little ginger tom cat Woody, after Rashid's idol. 


Rashid loved Tigers and Dinosaurs as well. 

About the Dinosaurs he had many books and he knew them all by name.