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This schoolpicture was taken in 1994. 

Rashid is 6 years old. 


August 1994. Rashid had the operation for a brain tumor. 

Karim reads to him from the book "Goodnight Little Bear" .

This book would get a special meaning for all of us. 



Rashid during his third chemotherapy.

He is still a happy, naughty boy, making his jokes with everyone. 

In spite of the hard chemotherapy he never complained.  


Rashid is being prepared for radiation therapy.


After the radiation therapy Rashid is lying sick and ill on the couch. 

But still he never complained. 


Weekly checkups in the children's laboratory.  Rashid thought a prick in his finger wasn't so bad as an infusion. For every needle that went into his body he received one dutch guilder from me and thus he saved for many beautiful things to play with.


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