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I miss you a little, I guess you could say.
A little too much, a little too often,
a little more every day!!

Are you tired little boy
you had such a long brave fight
Are you tired little boy
close your eyes, it is all right

Mommy and Karim longed to have you in this world
but they're prepared to let you go
Your star will twinkle in the dark night sky
when we look up we'll see its glow

Are you tired little boy
let your soul take off in flight
We'll all miss you little boy
but you'll be happy in the light.


An angel in the book of life
Wrote down an infant's birth
and mentioned as he closed the book ....
too beautiful for earth

I fought death with all I had 

There was almost nothing I did not try

But despite my every effort

My child still had to die....




I've found a beautiful angel,
In heaven up above.
So don't be sad for me, Mommy.
In heaven I've found Love.

I know you miss me, Mommy,
And I miss you, too.
But on earth, be happy,
Angels will watch over you.

It won't be just an Angel,
one that you don't know.
But I will be Rashid
with his love all aglow.

Just remember,
deep in your heart.
As long as you have God,
we will never be apart.

So live your life to the fullest,
and be happy as can be.
Because we will be together again,
This, God has assured me.

Give my Love to Karim,
and tell him, I Love him too.
We'll see each other in heaven,
Just like me and you.

So may God fully Bless you,
in everything you do.
Because, Mommy, I Love You,
and Jesus Loves you, too!

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