Rashid's 7th Anniversary in Heaven 2003



Always There 

Although I am in Heaven...
Remember that for every smile that you make,
I will be smiling with you.
For every tear that you cry,
I will be crying with you.
For every dream you have to reach,
I will be there...to reach it with you.



My love for you is not written on paper,
For paper can be erased.
Nor is my love for you etched in stone,
For stone can be broken.
But my love for you is inscribed in my heart,
Where it shall remain forever.


Gone are the days we used to share,
But in our hearts you are always there,
The gates of memory will never close,
We miss you more than anyone knows,
With tender love and deep regret,
We who love you will never forge


I wrote your name on the sand...
but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name on the sky...but the wind blew it away.
I wrote your name in my heart...and forever it'll stay.  



His toys are sitting silent
No one with them to play
For they aren't in his bedroom
They're sitting on his grave.

He has his idols Buzz Lightyear and Woody
To watch over him each night
One sits to the left of him
The other to his right.

He has a set of chimes
That make music at his head
For the birds to sing along
At the foot of his bed.

He has tiny little flowers
At his head and at his feet
Although it's very sad
It always looks so neat. 

Everything that is placed there
Is placed there out of love
Our little Rashid is an angel
Living with God above. 

We miss you so much
More with each passing day
We love you oh so much more
Than our words could ever say!

The Seventh Year in Heaven

Seven long years have come and gone
Since the day God called you home
It seems at times just like yesterday
As I miss you more each passing day

And as each season comes and goes,
As each year passes, too
It doesn't ease the pain or woes
As I thought that it would do

The tears don't flow as much as before
As the well is just dryer and lower
I'll miss you everyday and as the seasons blend
I'll see you in heaven, then my heart will mend

So, till then my beloved son
I'll see you when my work is done.

Love you and Miss you Aways,

There Were Many Moments With You..
(Just Not Enough Years) 

 A child is a gift from the Heavenly Father
that comes with moments of love.
But what you think you'll hold for a lifetime,
may one day soar to the Heavens above.

Oh, now, I think back at the moments;
Precious moments I shared with you.
I think of the times that I heard you laugh..
There's nothing to compare it to.

I think of the times you sat with me;
Sharing the dreams you treasure.
And sharing the failures that you feared most..
Even these were moments of pleasure.

Every moment I shared with you was a joy!
So much more than you could know.
Just to hear each time your heart would beat..
Meant one more beat to help you grow.

Tonight, I sit and hold onto the photo albums;
Holding onto every single minute.
I look back and long for more time in life with you.
For more life while you were in it.

I see others around me and know that they
understand exactly how I feel.
For every moment I live without you,
is a moment too painfully real.

So I sit tonight longing to hold you.
I just can't hold back my tears.
There were many moments with you..
Oh...just not enough years.       

       Kaye Des'Ormeaux    


If you came back from heaven
Would it be like it was then?
Could we just pick up here we left off
And try it all again?
Oh, if you came back from heaven
It would freeze me in my tracks
And I hope God knows, if he let you go
I'd never send you back

A Grieving Mother

I am going to your grave today,
with flowers orange, yellow and red.
I'll throw away the faded ones
and leave fresh ones instead.
I'll stand above the place you lay,
placed there a while ago.
And once again my heart will brake,
and unchecked tears will flow.
With gentle fingers I'll caress,
your name carved in the stone.
Then brush away the fallen leaves,
November winds have blown.
I'll dry my eyes, I'll say a prayer,
and as I raise my head.
Another grieving mother has just
tucked her child in bed.