Valentines to Heaven





This Valentine is not of the ordinary kind,
's still filled with love...and blessings inside;
But mine has to be sent on the wings of love...
You see its destination is the Heavens above.

's not being sent to my husband or eldest son so dear,
For they are still with me each day of the year;
It's being sent to my youngest child...who left earth so soon,
Who's now in the Heavens with the stars and the moon.

The message is the same as your valentine,
"I love sweet precious child of mine;
My love is still deeper than the ocean is blue,
And its sent with hugs and kisses...from me to you."

"I know you are with me each and every day,
You listen as I talk to you...and hear what I say;
For that is one thing that disease cannot do...'ll always be apart of me...and me a part of you."

"Happy Valentines day sunshine...I miss you so much,
I know you know how many lives you have touched;
You'll always be mine...I love you with all my heart,
I know we be together again...and then we'll never part."






All poetry on this site is the copyrighted work of Laura of the Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial
and is  used with her loving permission.
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The poem has been slightly changed. See the original poem here.

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their life here on Earth to disease.

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