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This day will be a celebration
of the short time you were here.
You will always be remembered
with great love and sometimes tears.

But only to feel pain and sorrow
would not be quite fair to you.
Your life meant much more to me
more than I ever knew.

You were here so briefly
I wonder if you know.
All the ways you've touched my world
since the day God called you home.

Now, my child you're an angel
With your heavenly father above.
I see not only what I've lost
but my capacity of love.

there will always be a big void
my soul will grieve forever.
Will I forget or stop loving you?
No, not now...not ever.

As this day is upon me,
oh! how my heart still hurts.
But even as I mourn your death
I celebrate your birth.

My Birthday Party in Heaven  

Its my birthday party in heaven
and I wish that you could see 
all that Jesus and my angel friends
have in store for me.

My party dress is ready.
The present's pile is growing.
Balloons are on the moonbeams
and even the stars are glowing.

My cake is made of clouds and rainbows.
The angels have plans for games.

Birds just hung my streamers,
but it just isn't the same.

When I look down from my cloud
and see you looking oh so sad.
Be happy for me, Mommy.
Jesus said: "Be glad".

As he has promised that one day soon
it will be you here with me.
Remember that promise, Mommy.
You and me together, forever in eternity.

Where do balloons go, Mommy, when you set them free?
Do they float into the clouds or get stuck in a tree?
Do they fly high in the sky or get popped by a bee?
Do they soar with the birds and the bugs in the air?
Or stay close to the ground and get chased by a bear?
Does the wind blow them out over the big blue ocean?
Or do they climb up and over small hills and big mountains?
Do they go into space and circle the stars?
And fall back to earth after travelling so far?
Or does GOD collect them all in a big bouquet...
And give them to the children in Heaven each day?
Where do balloons go, Mommy, when you set them free?
I hope they go to Heaven....As a Gift for Me!

Your Birthday is coming soon
And for this I'll send a big balloon
For you to catch and carry high
Way, way up into the sky
So Happy Birthday Son!
I'll meet you when my work is done.


For Rashid, Who Should Have Been 18 Today (17th April 2006)

How melancholy now this day when you were born--
A day we used to greet with balloons and presents and song.
How I loved to see the smile on your face and in your eyes
As you saw the surprises I had hidden away.
You jumped with excitement at the thought of the party to come
With all your relatives and special friends
And games and music and prizes and fun--
And, of course, best of all, the cake made just for you,
Embellished with your name and age and all ablaze with candles.
Oh, the magic of closing your eyes and making the perfect wish
That was sure to come true!
Now, the only wish that I would ever make
Can never come to pass--
For you cannot return.
A great longing to see you and hold you and kiss you
Comes over me and brings me down.
Still, even in my grief, come flashes
Of memories that can never fade--
The sweetness of your smile and voice,
The goodness of your soul.
And deep within me rises again
The hope that we will meet once more,
In God's own time and place.
Happy birthday, my precious son!

Saralyn McAfee Smith

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