Happy 17th Birthday, Rashid!!





Star Light ~ Star Bright

Star light, star bright,
An angel shines in heaven tonight.
The angels are singing and dancing with joy,
It's Rashid's birthday, my little boy.

Will you have a cake and presents too?
Will Jesus be there to congratulate you?
Will you ride on a chariot across the night sky?
Will you send me a shooting star as you go by?

I can't believe you'd be seventeen today,
Has is been that long since you went away?
I miss you my child, more than you know,
It's been eight years since I held you, where did time go?

Seventeen years ago today, I gave birth to a precious baby boy,
Our bright, smiling, son, a bundle of joy.
Rashid, your light still shines,
On all the lives you touched, especially mine.

I'll always love you my precious child,
Although we must be apart for awhile.
I'm sending you kisses and all of my love,
Happy Birthday sweet Rashid in heaven above.