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Happy Birthday


Eighteen years ago today
On a warm spring April day
You came into my life, my son
And changed my life in many ways

You taught me unconditional love
And what a mom should feel
You taught me compassion in many ways
The kind only the heart reveals

You taught me how to smile
When heartprints ruled my days
You taught me so much laughter
My love was endless in so many ways

I taught you, as you taught me
The years flew by too fast
And then God's Angels called you home
All I had left, was memories of the past.....

Today's your 18th birthday, Rashid
And I sit here all alone
Wondering how you're spending yours
While I spend your day at home

Thinking of the ones we had,
The birthdays when you were here
I close my eyes and remember
It makes my eyes begin to tear

I remember when you were born
And I was thirty years old
If I'd known then, in eight years
God would be calling you to his Home.....

I'd held you even more tightly,
I'd have kissed you even more
And probably went to school with you
Each day you went out the door

I'd have tucked you in more tightly
I'd have read more stories at night
And had I known what life held
I'd never let you out of my sight

But none of us knows what life holds
Or what our future will be
God gave us eight great years
I treasure those precious memories

Happy Birthday Rashid
I love you with all my heart
One day again we will share this day
But for now, I'll share you in my heart

I'll love you forever Rashid.....
on air, land, sea
and through eternity!!


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