Remembering Rashid

It was in autumn that the gates of Heaven were opened
And Rashid was ushered in
Given beautiful Angel wings
His  eternal time to begin

Imagine.... Trumpets blowing
Anticipation felt everywhere
With many Angels awaiting
As sweet Rashid entered there

A bright addition to Heaven
With Cherubim at his side....
Knowing joy, beyond compare
As Jesus opened "His" arms wide

Rashid plays with the Angels
Upon those streets of gold....
Not a worry of pain or sorrow
Just an abundance of joy, untold

Be at peace, our little Rashid
Blow kisses from "Heaven" above
We'll catch them, then toss them back
With a hug....And all our love!

Whether time is.... Fast or slow
You'll always remain in my heart
'Til that day....Somewhere in time
We'll be joined, never to part.

Copyright 2005 Judith Johnson